Thursday, April 10, 2014

Accountable Kids Chore and Reward Program

Knowing that we want our kids to be contributing members of our family, the past few years we have been struggling to find a chore/reward system that will actually work with our kids.  I have tried a little bit of everything to get them to comply with daily chores but nothing seemed to stick.  Each day was beginning to feel like a battle to get the kids to get dressed, fold up their clothes, put their clothes away, brush their teeth, etc.  I was frustrated, they were frustrated and our home was in utter chaos! 
I had heard of the Accountable Kids program from Katie who I had known while I was living in Arizona.  She always raved about it on her blog but I wasn't sure I wanted to make the leap to purchase the set in fear that it was just another program that would fail in our home.  But, since we had tried so many other things we made the decision to order the Accountable Kids program. 
We received our boards and I assembled them and painted them one night when the kids were in bed.  They recommend having the kids participate in the decorating of the boards, but being the art control freak that I am I couldn't bring myself to let them unleash their creative juices on perfectly beautiful wood.  All in all we were all happy with that decision and I think that the simplicity of them turned out well. 
Here's the kids opening up their boards when they arrived in the mail

Here are the boards decorated and already being used!

Kaiden has earned some bonus bucks!!!
Madelyn earning her first "ticket!"

How the program works:
Each kit comes with 50 chore cards that you can pick and choose from to customize to your kids.  You then divide the cards into morning, afternoon and evening chores.  As the kids complete each chore they take the card and move it to the "finished" peg indicating they completed that chore for the day.  We give a ticket after all their morning chores are completed and then again at the end of the day after their afternoon/evening chores are completed.  These tickets are then cashed in when the kids want to do something special.  No TV or movies or YouTube videos are watched or Wii games are played unless they use a ticket.  One ticket allows them 30 minutes of time.  If they don't do their chores, they don't get a ticket.  If they don't have a ticket then they don't get privileges.  At the end of the day if they have completed all their chores they earn a sticker.  After 10 stickers they earn a date with either mom or dad.  And we ain't afraid to take tickets away for poor behavior.  Just sayin :)

Another aspect of the program incorporates "Bonus Bucks."  These are earned when the child chooses to do extra chores.  These chores are not expected of them everyday but they have the opportunity to do these chores and earn money for doing them.  They aren't penalized for not doing them but they often ask for certain toys or items and it's been a good way to teach them that they have to work for things that they want. 

Overall the program has been fantastic for our family.  Kaiden totally embraced the program right from the beginning and has been very excited to earn his tickets and stickers and do his extra chores.  It has taken Madelyn a little more prodding to get moving on her chores.  That said, it has been wonderful to have a place for her to go to so I don't have to keep telling her what she needs to do each day.  When she asks, "what do I have to do?"  I tell her, "Go to your chart and look at your cards." 

I am SO glad that we purchased this program and would definitely recommend it for families that are trying to teach your kids responsibility and to become contributing members in the household.  I would give this whole program a 4 out of 5, but only because we are still trying to figure out a way to get Madelyn fully on board without a fight.  But that might just be her age or her "free spirit" personality.  That being said, it has still made a huge difference in our home since now we have a way to limit TV/movie/Wii time and use it as a reward for getting chores completed.  It's BRILLIANT!

Visit Accountable Kids for more information and to order your kits today!