Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Kids Say the Darndest Things: Part Four

Madelyn crying: I hurt myself!  Whaaaaaa!
Me:  Why?  What did you do?
Madelyn: I was practicing my ninja moves and hurt myself!  Whaaaa!

Kaiden: "Madelyn, can you please go get that car that I was using?"
M: "No.  It jokes me."
Me: "What does that mean?  Can you please go back downstairs and get his car?"
M: "No.  It jokes me."
Kaiden: "Madelyn! What. does. that. mean?"
M: "It's Spanish."

M: "Look at that spider.  He is in a racoon."
Me: "Oh, the spider is?"
M: "Yes.  That is where the spider sleeps.  And then he will turn into a butterfly."

M: "My head was falling down."
Me: "What do you mean?"
M: "I was putting these cards back in and my head was falling down.  It does that when I get tired.  Then it makes me not talk."

M: "Mommy.  When I dance it means mommy and when I shake my booty it means daddy!"

M: "I'm gonna joke daddy when he gets home and tell him that we ate at Old McDonalds."

M: "You know that broom I have up in my room?  Maybe I can use it to broom up all the dirties."

Kaiden packing up toys in his backpack for a pretend camping adventure:
"Flashlight. Chet!  Bandaid. Chet!  Dinosaur. Chet!  Waterbottle.  Chet!  I think that will do it."

M: (After Daddy went potty) "Oh, it's smells very interesting.  Aaaannnnd it smells stinky."

M: (After spraying body spray on her arms) "Smell my boo boo.  Doesn't it smell good?  Does it smell like boo-boo anymore or like flowers?"

M: " Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.  Touch your toes and any dough.  Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. 

K: (Playing rock/paper/scissors) "Rock, paper, scissors, shoe.  Rock, paper, scissors, shoe."
Me: "Kaiden, it's rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT." 
K:  "Shoot?  What does shoot mean?" 
Me: "Never mind.  Just say it however you want."

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Lunchbox-Week 6

Here's last weeks lunchbox love.  Another week of just trying to find anything that was in my cupboard.  Not too shabby considering that there wasn't much to pull from.  All recipes are below!

Overnight oats, oranges and grapes, Strawberry Gogi berry mini muffins that I made awhile ago and froze, rice krispie treat (modified)

Each kid got a veggie sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, shredded carrot and hummus on an organic sourdough bread, organic grapes, and Lucy's chocolate chip cookies.  Madelyn likes squeezy applesauce while Kaiden likes just regular organic, unsweetened applesauce from Trader Joe's. 

I was feeling festive so I made PB&J sandwiches and used my pumpkin cookie cutters.  Strawberries and applesauce with Maple Leaf cookie and "oreo" cookie from Trader Joe's.
Recipes I used:
Overnight oats-We normally eat these for breakfast, but who said I couldn't pack it for lunch?!?!  It's a simple recipe to make the night before.  I don't add the maple syrup the next day and think it is plenty sweet enough as long as you use a really ripe banana.  YUMMY!

Rice Krispie Treats-I used the original recipe except I modified it by using, Erewhon organic brown rice cereal, vegan marshmallows, and Earth Balance vegan soy free butter.

Strawberry Gogi berry muffins-Find the recipe in Dreena's book Let Them Eat Vegan.  Love her. Her chocolate chip cookie recipe is my go to...so good!  Her blog is here.

Hope you get some new lunchbox ideas here.  Have a great week!

Happy 6th Birthday Kaiden!

Wednesday was my bubby's 6th birthday!  We got to celebrate by going on a hay ride with his kindergarten class.  
We had a small celebration that night with MeeMa and P-pa.  Then Saturday we took the kids bowling per Kaiden's request.

Stop growing up my special boy!  God sure did make you special and I can't wait to see all the great adventures that your life takes you on :) I love you to the moon and back.