Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Lunchbox-Week 5

Oh. My. Goodness.  I am one tired momma today.  I took a spinning class this morning that kicked my booty.  That girl was crazy.  But, dang, it felt good.  So here we go into the weekend.  Hopefully we will all sleep in tomorrow and enjoy what is left of this beautiful weather happening right now.  Love it. 

Here's a look into our weekly lunchbox.  It wasn't too exciting since I didn't have much food in the house.  I just got to the grocery store today which didn't help me this week during lunch time, but what can I say?!

Both kids got half of a Trader Joe's bagel with vegan cream cheese.  Kaiden got leftover watermelon slices (from our camping trip last weekend), popcorn and 2 Trader Joe's sandwich cookies.  Madelyn got a squeezy applesauce, homemade chex mix (recipe below to make it vegan and organic) and 2 cookies. 

Both kids are on a bagel kick.  So they begged for bagels in their lunch.  Again.  As long as it's something they will eat, then I don't care.  Both got 3/4 of a bagel with vegan cream cheese, orange slices with blueberries, Applegate ham roll-ups, and a piece of a vegan brownie.

For a "treat" they both asked for chocolate soy milk in their lunches today which I went along with :)
Both kids got PB&J sandwich, cucumber slices with hummus, apple slices and 2 Trader Joe's sandwich cookies. 

Recipes I used:
Chex Mix- I use the standard Chex Mix recipe with a few modifications cause a big dose of GMO's isn't an appetizing thought for me.  I sub out Cascadian Farms multi grain squares, Earth Balance butter and Annie's Worcestershire sauce.  Follow directions and you have a yummy snack!

Vegan brownies-I used this recipe and it was ok.  After reading a bunch of the reviews I went with one of the modified versions but can't remember which one.  They were kind of "cakey" rather than fudgy brownie like and pretty crumbly.  So, the search continues for another vegan brownie recipe. 

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