Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Lunchbox-Week 1

This year is the first year at our public school kindergarten that you can choose to attend a full day program or a half day program.  All academics are done during the half day option but the full day option incorporates an "enrichment period" which just basically builds upon the things they have already learned in their regular kindergarten session.  In other words, the district was losing students of working parents to the local charter/private schools that have full day kindergarten and they wanted to bring that money back into the public school so they have a glorified day care option to fill the full day.  Whatever you call it we are trying out the full day option on MWF and keeping half days on T/TH.

On full days we need to send in two snacks (one for morning and one for afternoon) in addition to a lunch.  I was like a kid in an (organic) candy store when I ordered the kids their Laptop Lunchboxes.  I ordered the dual compartment kit for both of them to accommodate snacks/lunches (Madelyn's in the "girly" color).  I'm in LOVE with their lunch boxes!  Cause I'm weird like that.  I even took a day to make a meal plan for their weekly lunches.  Some of the meals play off of my dinner meal plan so that I can incorporate leftovers into lunches.  Although only a week into school, it's made packing lunches fun for both me and the kids.  Madelyn will start pre-K on Friday in which she will get to jump in on the lunch fun.  I'll try to post our weekly lunches on Fridays cause I know there are some moms out there looking for lunch inspiration.  I'm with you girls and I'm here for you trying to navigate this world of school lunches.  While I try to keep to a vegan-ish menu as much as possible, we do eat some animal products from time to time.  So, some of my menus will reflect that.  But, I can assure you that they will always be full of "real food" instead of processed junk.  Enjoy!
Star shaped PB & J sandwiches cut with small cookie cutters, fruit salad with a heart shaped toothpick, trail mix & homemade vegan chocolate pudding
Leftover silver dollar banana pancakes with maple syrup for dipping (in small lidded container) from dinner the night before.  Cut up strawberries, leftover overnight oats with blueberries (from breakfast) & vegan chocolate pudding with vegan chocolate chips.

The kids attended camp this summer and their lunchboxes happen to arrive the last week of camp.  So I was able to give it a try before school was in full swing.  Here's a glimpse of what they had at camp.  
Banana wrap with peanut butter and honey, fruit salad, Annie's organic pretzels, 365 sandwich cookies, applesauce with cinnamon

Sushi sandwich (using honey whole wheat bread from Great Harvest Bread Co.) with vegan cream cheese and organic strawberry jelly, organic peaches, carrots & cucumbers & vegan chocolate pudding
Hope you find some inspiration in our lunches.  My kids love to see what they are getting each day and I can honestly say that I enjoy making lunches!  Ask me again halfway through the year and I might have a different answer, though :)

Have a happy day!

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