Sunday, September 8, 2013

Off to Pre-K and Our Lunchbox-Week 2

Madelyn headed off to her first day of pre-K on Friday!  I anticipating a little sadness that her big brother wasn't at the same building this year giving her the comfort of seeing him in the hallways.  But, my big girl had no tears and was excited to start!

Stop growing up my sweet baby girl!  

Madelyn will also be spending lunch at school again this year.  But this year she's got her laptop lunchbox to make it more fun!  With the Labor Day holiday last Monday I only had to pack two lunches and because I was out of practically everything in my refrigerator we did the best we could with what was on hand.  
Hummus with cut up apple (the hummus came back uneaten-Kaiden is on a hummus strike I guess).  Cut up cucumber, carrot and celery with homemade vegan ranch dip (He LOVES this stuff!).  Trader Joe's wheat thin crackers and a chocolate chip cookie.

Vegan cream cheese, cucumber and Applegate turkey roll up in whole wheat tortilla (a treat for turkey-which most of this came back uneaten since they both said they didn't really like it).  Cut up strawberries, mini vegan pumpkin muffins & chocolate chip cookie.

Recipes I used:
Vegan pumpkin muffins-instead of the sugar I use 1/2 cup of honey and they come out plenty sweet enough for us.

Hope your week was great!  

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