Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meal Plan-1/19/13

I don't know if I have mentioned that I returned to work this past week on a part time basis.  It's been 5 years since I have worked in the "real world" and I was terrified at the thought of it all.  But all in all this week went surprisingly well and I actually really enjoyed the familiarity of being back and work.  And of course the "quiet time" while at work in my office was pretty sweet.  I guess I can compare it to going to the grocery store without kids.  It all kind of seems like a big vacation.  

At any rate, all the "free time" that I have now (as if!) has been cut in half.  I am still trying to figure out and navigate this new schedule of mine but I suspect it's going to consist of laundry and grocery shopping at night or on the weekends as well as trying to prepare breakfasts/lunches the night before so as to not be completely crazy in the mornings.  

In addition to the lack of time the New Year has brought us, we also started off 2013 on a STRICT budget.  We have gone to CASH ONLY system.  Dave Ramsey style.  We even cut up on credit cards on New Years day (GASP!).  Oh the horror!  But, both lack of time and strict budgeting has forced me to put meal planning back at the top of my list (notice how it's taken me 19 days into the new year to accomplish it?  Ho hum.).  Cause a funny thing happens when I actually have a meal plan in place.  I actually spend less at the grocery store.  Imagine that!  So here goes nothing...

Saturday-Left overs
Sunday-Roasted veggie and eggplant parm sandwiches
Monday-Whole wheat pasta with veggies.
Tuesday-Salmon and rice with veggies
Thursday-Crock pot tortellini soup
Friday-Hamburgers/veggie burgers
Saturday-Plant powered pizza
Sunday-Veggie chili in my crock pot
Monday-Sweet potato burritos
Tuesday-Olive Garden Minestrone soup
Wednesday-Curry veggies over rice
Thursday-Broccolli slaw salad
Friday-Breakfast for dinner.  Eggs and hash browns and toast.
Saturday-Spring rolls with thai noodles

Overnight oats
Breakfast rice pudding
English muffins with almond butter and banana slices
Rips big bowl

Hemp salad
Left over quinoa waldorf salad
Bagels and vegan cream cheese
Veggies, fruit and hummus with crackers
Left overs

I encourage you to start a meal plan today.  Remember it's not set in stone but rather a guide to use during the week.  It gives you a plan as to what to buy at the grocery store and helps with that 4:00 dinner rush.  I know that it's best to have a meal plan in place just finding the time to do it is another story!  What's on your menu this upcoming week?  I'd love to hear!

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