Friday, November 9, 2012

Kaiden's 5th Birthday

Kaiden turned FIVE!  Yes, he's FIVE!  But it didn't happen yesterday.  Or last week.  Or even a few weeks ago.  He turned five October 2nd.  And I am just now blogging about it.  Ho hum.

Mother of the year.  Please stand up.

For real.  He's five.  And, like, all of a sudden he seems all grown up.  The way he talks.  The things he does.   It's really hard to look at him and not think, "who are you and what have you done with my little boy?"  I mean,  just yesterday we were here in the NICU waiting for this little bugger to come home:

And today we are here watching him score goals in his soccer games.

The great part about Kaiden's birthday this year is that we splurged and had his birthday party at a local gymnastics center.  Best. Money. Ever. Spent.  I just couldn't even begin to think of how a party would look in our little townhouse.  The party was amazing.  They took care of everything from the invitations, the decorations, set up and clean up.  I showed up with my cake and they took care of the rest.  All the kids had a blast and birthday boy did too!
We decorated party bags for all of our guests a few days before the party...
...and stuffed them full!
The kids climbed the big rolly tube and jumped into the foam "cheese" pit
So cute!
They bounced in the bounce house and slide down the blow up slide
They pretended they were airplanes
And scaled some gym apparatus.
They crawled through the blow up caterpillar (in the back) and  played on some more equipment
We had cake and ice cream in the party room (complete with music and disco ball) 
And opened presents in the birthday chair
What a great time!!!
Happy Birthday my big boy!  You are the best little bubby a mom could hope for.  Love you to pieces!! 

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Mee'ma said...

Thanks for sharing these pic's & comments on K's birthday - this place looks like it was FUN!!!

AND, T-love you ARE the Mommy of the Year!!