Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Have you ever "been Boo-ed?"  Well, last night we started to "boo" our neighbors.  A fun little game to get into the holiday spirit.

You can get as creative as you want in making your boo-bag or boo-basket.  There are plenty of fancy basket ideas on the Internet or make a colorful bag or even fill a plastic pumpkin with some goodies.  Because we wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive, I found some brown bags I already had on hand in which the kids decorated with stickers and crayons.  I found some Halloween themed trinkets and treats at the grocery store and we stuffed our bags full.  We attached our boo-poem that I found here to the front.  (You can also use the one here)  Then off we went to "Boo" our neighbors!

 I found some Halloween themed trinkets and treats at Giant grocery store.  Plastic rings, stickers, Halloween tissues, pretzels and glow bracelets (I bought a whole slew of these last year after Halloween on clearance)..

The kids stuffed the bags full of goodies! 

I folded the sign and attached them to the bags with a ribbon on the opposite side that Kaiden and Madelyn decorated.

Since we are the ones starting the Boo-ing in our neighborhood we picked 4 neighbors to "boo."  If all goes well, they each will "boo" 2 neighbors and it should take off from there.  The kids were so excited to run up to our neighbors doors, leave the bags, hit the doorbells and run!  It was hilarious to watch them!  
Hopefully we will start seeing the boo signs pop up on all of our neighbors doors in the next two weeks indicating who's been boo-ed!

Happy Halloween!

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