Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meal Plan 9/18/12

Alright, Tracey, pull yourself together.  You can do this.

Is it me or has my life gotten extremely crazy?  Like more so than ever before.  I mean, I have felt that way ever since becoming a mom 5 (almost) years ago but lately it seems like I really can't keep up.  It's insane.

Although I manage to pull together some sort of meal most nights, I certainly need to meal plan.  Again.  I get that.  But even the task of meal planning sometimes can take too long that I just don't do it.  Here I am on a Tuesday realizing that there is NOTHING in our refrigerator to pull together a decent meal from.  I need to make a trip to the grocery store ASAP so I figured I throw together a quick (uh huh, yeah right) meal plan.

Individual pizza play date.  We are having some friends over to make individual pizzas.  I think that I might just roast up some veggies and throw them on a mcmuffin and call it a day for myself.  We ordered regular pizza last night (I totally forgot we were making pizzas for our play date today) since a friend was over from out of town.  I regret every cheesy bite I took.  I feel gross and bloated and like I need to detox myself.  Crazy how cows milk cheese affects me so much now.  Blech.  I see a lot green juice in my near future today.

Eggplant Parmesan.  I like to make up a bunch of eggplant to freeze left overs and throw on a sandwich for easy go to meals.

Veggie soup

Vegan Pumpkin Mac N Cheese.  I hope this is a hit, cause I have really been trying to find a vegan alternative to regular mac and cheese that my kids will like.  Fingers crossed.

Block party.  I'm bringing a side dish of hummus topped with cucumber, bell peppers, carrot shavings and goat cheese with pita chips.

I also want to make this summer hemp power salad to go along with something we are having or just for a lunch idea.  Oh, it looks DIVINE!

Phew.  I instantly feel better knowing I have some sort of plan in place for the next few days.  At least for dinners.  I'll be back on Sunday for next weeks plan!

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