Monday, August 27, 2012

When Kids Find My Phone

When my kids find my iPhone on the counter while I am in the shower they take pictures.  Random pictures. Lots of random pictures.  And when I go to look at the pictures on my phone I find that I have to delete lots of random pictures.  Such as these.

A towel and stool on the bathroom floor
A Spiderman car and plastic jalapeno pepper
A play hot dog and a foot
Toys and puzzles that they were probably supposed to be cleaning up
A boys leg

And when they find my phone in my purse while at Costco they take more random pictures 
Of feet and rain boot boxes, frozen fruit and pecans
And my purse and new underwear


And then they get home and take more random pictures
Of laundry.  I sure was hoping they would fold it rather than just taking a picture of it.  

1 comment:

Mee'ma said...

Those pic's are almost as good as your "before cleaning, & after cleaning" ones you posted several years ago! I enjoyed Kaiden & Maddey's photography skills immensely.....