Friday, August 10, 2012

"Pasquito" Bites

Madelyn woke up this morning with a lot of little bug bites on her.  I am assuming they are mosquito bites since she keeps saying they itch.  Today at lunch I had the cutest conversation with them about mosquitoes.

Madelyn: "Mommy, my pasquito bites!"
Me: "Do they itch?"
Madelyn: "Yeeeeessss.  My pasquito bites itch. (pause) Do pasquitos bite?"
Me: "Yes."
Madelyn: "Why do they bite you."
Me: "Cause they like to eat little drops of your blood." (actually I have no idea if this is true but let's go with it)
Madelyn: "Do they say sorry after they bite?"
Kaiden: "Well they don't know your name.  After they bite you then you can tell them your name.  Right mommy?"
Me: "Well, sure, buddy.  If you want."

Bless their little hearts.

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