Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Juice Fast Day 2

Day 2.  I am surprised how well I felt this morning.  I went to bed feeling a little hungry and had a slight headache so I wasn't expecting to sleep all that well.  But low and behold I slept soundly (I don't think I even moved at all until 5:30 when I got up to go to the bathroom).  I started off the morning with a lemon water and added a *smidgen* of cayenne pepper.  It actually wasn't too bad.  Probably since I hardly added any pepper to it at all.  An hour later I had my first juice while rushing kiddos out the door for camp.  Here are my juices for the day:

Breakfast-12 oz
Carrots (I think I used about 6 to make enough for 2 of us)
Oranges (2)
Sweet Potato (I only used one, but wish I had another to make more juice)

Mid morning snack
Glowing green smoothie-6oz (technically not a "juice" but remember, I'm making the rules up as I go!)
I had some left over from yesterday so I just drank this up.

Lunch-16 oz
Mean Green Juice with spinach and kale

Afternoon snack-16 oz
Pear (I used only 1 instead of the 2 the recipe called for since my pears weren't as ripe as they should be.  After a few days they should be good to go)
Handful of basil
Cucumber (2)
Romaine (the original recipe called for spinach)
Broccoli stalk (this was added by me since I still needed some more juice to make a full 32 oz)

I felt pretty good today up until lunch time.  I got really hungry so I had my lunch juice.  Again, feeling pretty good afterwards.  Right around 2:00 I almost caved and ate real food.  The thought ran through my mind to eat everything in the pantry, but I had my afternoon snack juice instead and instantly felt better.  Soon after hubs was feeling hungry so I made a double batch of an apple pie smoothie (apples, almond milk, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, pecans and ice) since dinner was still a ways away.  We both drank that but realized that I still wanted more.  I told hubs I couldn't do it anymore and had to eat something!  So we both caved about 3:30 and had some crackers with tabbouleh and hummus.  It was just what I needed.  Then for dinner we both had a huge salad with all raw veggies.  Fail.  I do expect that we will give it another try sometime in the near future.  But I am ready to go back to my plant based diet while still including at least 1-2 juices per day.  It's hard, y'all.  Not only the not eating and only drinking juice/water/herbal tea part of it, but all the prep work and planning is exhausting.  Phew.  Not all hope is lost.  Yet.

I wanted to point out that we were NOT attempting a juice fast to loose weight.  I know that there are many people that do (and 3 weeks later gain it all back).  Ironically since adopting a mostly (80-90%) plant-based vegan diet back in January I have found I no longer struggle with my weight and no longer feel sluggish and tired!  I simply can eat anything I want (plant based) and not gain weight!  And my energy is through the roof!  How's that for a weight loss plan??? No dieting necessary and the weight stays off?!?!?!  Yes, it's true!!!  We are simply attempting a juice fast to detox our systems.  Some more on juice fasting you can read here and here (I love Food Babe...she's got great information).

If you are thinking of doing a juice fast please read about it first.  If you are on medications please consult your doctor.  Also, please don't think that you can go and buy a bottle of juice from the grocery store and survive on it.  Juice from the store is "dead" and will not provide you the nutrients your body craves.  You must juice with a juicer using only fresh veggies and fruits.  Organic is optimal so that you aren't filling your body with more toxins from pesticides on conventional produce.  The point is to DETOX your system from all the sludge and muck that has been rotting in your body from years of eating animal products, sugar, refined flours, processed foods and such.  Not to mention the chemicals in our body from shampoos, soaps, lotions, make-ups, etc that we slather on our skin.  YUCK!

So back to regular eating for me.  At least for now.  But I see another fast in my future.  Hoping to make it a little longer next time.  Until then, drink your green juice!  You'll LOVE it and your body will thank you!

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