Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sore Throat

Yesterday I began to notice my throat getting a bit scratchy and sore.  This morning, sure enough, I woke up with a very sore throat and on the verge of losing my voice.  I strained my way through the day talking non-stop (cause that's what you do when you have kids) and low and behold by the evening time my voice was pretty much completely gone.  It became such a strain to speak that by bath time I began to whisper just to save what left I had of a voice.  Madelyn, very concerned as to why I had to start whispering began to ask many questions (cause did I really think that I was going to get a break from talking completely????)

Madelyn: "Mommy, why are you whispering?"
Me: (whispering) "Cause, sweetheart, Mommy lost her voice."
Madelyn: "Where did your voice go?"
Me: "Well, my throat just hurts and it made my voice disappear."
Madelyn: "Can you go get a new one?"
Me: "No honey.  I have to wait till it comes back."  
Madelyn: "Well, maybe you can just go to the store and get a new one."
Me: "Okay sweetie.  Thank you." 

Then later while we were getting jammies on...
Madelyn: (whispering) "I hurt my knee so I can't talk weally well."
Kaiden: "Madelyn, I can't hear what you are saying."
Madelyn: (whispering) "I can't talk louder pecause I hurt me knee." 

Bless their little hearts.

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