Monday, April 23, 2012

Meal Plan-4/22/12

Man.  It's been a busy two weeks.  Hubs was in town for a 10 days over Easter and we didn't stop running from here to there.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  But, we did manage to find a townhouse to rent!  Score.  We get the keys May 15th and hubs arrives May 31st.  I can't believe almost a year has gone by of being apart.  Never again.  Never again.  Never again.

I have managed to throw together some decent meals while I was away from meal planning, but happy to have a schedule again.  So, here we are a day late. 

Breakfast-Eggs, hash browns and toast for kids.  Mighty muffin for me.
Lunch-Mega salad for me.  Fruit and almond milk yogurt for the kids
Dinner-Roasted veggie sandwich with goat cheese (even Madelyn gobbled up almost half my sandwich!)

Breakfast-Monster juice & Overnight oats (Have I mentioned my love affair with these yet?!?!?  It's like I can't get enough of them!  I don't add the maple syrup and it's still fabulously good!)
Lunch-Collard wraps for me, hummus and veggies on Triscuits for the kids
Dinner-Leftover 17 bean & barley soup
Snack-Made vegan pumpkin muffins (with a little adjustment to the sugar-1 cup YIKES!)  Sooo good!

Breakfast-Overnight oats & Monster juice
Dinner-Refried bean tacos

Breakfast-pumpkin muffins and yogurt parfait with monster juice
Lunch-hummus and veggie crackers and fruit
Dinner-Mega Salad

Breakfast-Rip's big bowl for me, altered big bowl for the kids
Lunch-PB&J for kids, pumpkin muffin & fruit (eating at school), maybe collard wraps for me
Dinner-Roma tomato & red bell pepper ravioli

Breakfast-Whole wheat bagels with vegan cream cheese (not a great choice of topping since it's still processed but it's a nice treat since I haven't been buying cream cheese in forever!) Carrot/apple juice
Lunch-Quinoa waldorf salad
Dinner-Whole wheat pizza pockets

Breakfast-Cereal (have t-ball game at 9:00am)
Lunch-Maybe pick up something while we are out and about
Dinner-Going to a bridal shower

Happy meal planning!

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