Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meal Plan-4/1/12

Here we go!  Last week I tried out a new recipe called Mighty muffins from the Engine 2 Diet.  My review is, well, they were okay.  They were a little dense since they are vegan they lack the oil, eggs and milk and all things "animal" that make a muffin so yummy, but they were edible.  Will I make them again?  Well, jury is still out on that one.  They pack a lot of nutritional punch, but I think I will experiment a bit with some other muffins before returning to those.

Here is this weeks menu:

Breakfast-Cereal for kids and Rips Big Bowl for me.
Lunch-Whole wheat bagels with PB&J for kids, left over Pad Thai take out and mega salad for me
Dinner-Rips Sweet Potato bowl 

Breakfast-Overnight oats and honey tangerine/carrot juice
Lunch-Hummus, carrots, cucumbers, raisins, almonds, apple slices & Manna bread for kids
Dinner-Olive Garden's Minestrone Soup with mega salad

Breakfast-cereal for kids, Rips Big Bowl for me; monster juice
Lunch-Lunch at school.  Applesauce, PB&J, raisins, whole wheat pretzels

Breakfast-Overnight oats & monster juice
Lunch-Grilled cheese
Dinner-Whole wheat pancakes with hash browns. Breakfast for dinner!

Breakfast-Cereal for kids, Rip's Big Bowl for me
Lunch-PB&J, apple tortilla wraps
Dinner-Homemade organic chicken nuggets with homemade fries

Breakfast-Leftover pancakes & monster juice
Lunch-Quinoa waldorf salad & Manna bread
Dinner-Lentils and rice for me, rice and leftover chicken nuggets for the kids

Breakfast-E2 French Toast
Lunch-Leftover Quinoa waldorf salad
Dinner-Pizza take out (HUBBY ARRIVES! YAY!)

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