Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meal Plan-3/25/12

I am meal planning again.  This time I am including breakfast, lunch & dinner cause I feel like I am full speed ahead from the time I wake up until the kids are asleep.  As if I didn't feel that way before (eyes rolling).  Let's see how long this lasts ;P

Breakfast-Cereal and monster juice
Lunch-PB&J on pitas with fruit for kids.  Mega salad for me
Dinner-Soba noodles with a homemade peanut sauce (that I kind of made up) and lots of veggies

Breakfast-Overnight oats (If you haven't tried these...GO NOW AND MAKE THEM FOR TOMORROW MORNING!)  They are SOOO delicious and my kiddos have learned to love them too!  If you don't have the chia seeds that the recipe calls for then just omit them and lower the milk to 2/3 c instead.  But, put them on your store list for next shopping trip cause they have amazing health benefits for you!
Lunch-Whole wheat mini bagels with PB&J and fruit for kids, mega salad and Manna bread with coconut oil spread on top for me.
Dinner-Pizza (since I forgot to set the crock pot on HIGH for our refried beans-UGH!)

Breakfast-Cereal for kids, "Rips Big Bowl" for me.
Lunch-Hummus with apple slices & carrots, yogurt & granola for kids.  Toasted Ezekiel bread topped with hummus, red bell peppers, sprouts, tomato, shredded carrot & avocado for me. 
Dinner-Refried bean tacos (take 2!)

Breakfast-Whole wheat bagels and monster juice
Lunch-Scrambled Eggs and fruit
Dinner-Pasta with veggies

Breakfast-Cereal for kids and Rips Big Bowl for me and carrot/beet juice
Lunch-Leftover pasta noodles, slices of cucumbers, carrots and tomato.  Edamame.  Apple sauce and whole wheat pretzels for kids (eating at school). 
Dinner-Veggie burgers for me, organic, grass-fed beef burgers for kids

Breakfast-Mighty muffins and monster juice
Lunch-Apple sandwiches with granola
Dinner-Salad, Manna bread & Quinoa Waldorf salad 

Breakfast-Whole wheat waffles and monster juice
Lunch-Quinoa waldorf salad left overs
Dinner-Whole wheat pizza turnovers with LOTS of veggies and goat cheese...or out to dinner depending on how I feel :)

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