Thursday, March 1, 2012

Candy Overload

We recently got back from a month long excursion in Arizona visiting hubs.  February has always been my most favoritest (totally a word) in Arizona.  Seventy degree days, shorts, t-shirts, parks, flip flops, and of course, my hubby.  It all makes my heart smile. 

Anyways, we came home yesterday and are already back to our old schedule.  Although I don't even want to think about unpacking my FOUR suitcases!  The kids went back to school today after missing the whole month of February.  Boy was Kaiden excited to see his old friends.  Madelyn...well, she could care less at this point but she seemed to be fine after a rough morning.  But, thanks to the teachers they saved the kids Valentine's Day bags full of cards and "goodies" from their classmates. 

I was able to confiscate both the bags before giving them to the kids.  Cause somehow I just knew that there would be all kinds of "treats" that wouldn't come close to meeting my approved list.  And, sure enough, I was right!  This is what I confiscated out of both kids bags:

Ugh.  Is there not a holiday that can be celebrated without feeding crap to our kids?!?!?  All this Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5 & 6, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Sugar, Dextrose and enriched flour is enough to make my blood boil and my kid's heads rotate 360 degrees.  Poltergeist style.  It's infuriating.  Not to mention that when I picked Madleyn up today she had a white powder all over her mouth.  When I asked her what she had for snack today (the parents rotate bringing snacks for the kids) she said she had donuts.  And apple juice.  Sigh. 

From here on out I will be sending my kids to school with an "alternate" snack for the teacher to grab for them if the snack brought in doesn't meet my desirable snack list.  I am willing to be a little flexible here, but donuts?  Fruit snacks FILLED with every dye imaginable?  No wonder our children may be the first generation to live shorter life spans than their parents. 

By the way, my kids didn't even know that all this candy was in their bags before I took it all out and had a BLAST opening up their cards and playing the the other trinkets in there like plastic rings, slinkies, pencils, bubbles and tattoos.  Proof enough that all the other crap in there is completely NOT NECESSARY!


Mee'ma said...

still think substituting your own snack when all the other kids r eating the chosen snack of the day, will be a huge challenge....
but, what do I know???

Couzin Trish said...

Hey Couzin! I'm with you, but our school is the other extreme... Valentines Day was NOT CELEBRATED AT ALL at our school because of the food concerns. We are not allowed to bring in ANY outside food because of a fear of food allergies... and this list of "allergies" is extensive.

Some allergies I know parents have to be hyper-vigilant about, but one parent at a recent meeting was freaking out about her infant's "milk" allergy relating it to a peanut allergy. First of all she like a lot of first time parents could be attributing gas and fussiness that is NORMAL to imagined food related sensitivities (because she didn't get the answer she wanted from her pediatrician), second- to the best of my knowledge milk allergies can make you feel very ill but don't have the same potentially fatal outcomes. It's almost like these parents subconsciously imagine these things to make their child more 'special' to get that extra attention. These are also the same parents that are wondering why a playschool is not run like an Ivy League prep school. It's called PLAY school for a reason people, it's been tested and proven again and again play based learning at this age is the way to go!

On another aside...from a kid of a junk food free home... while I have an appreciation for what my Mom did and I try to keep that stuff out of our house... I know when I did have the chance at it... lunch table begging... change hoarding to buy stuff in the lunch room... sleepovers... college... I binged on the junk. Then I went to the other extreme and made my self sick worrying about every little thing that went into my body. As a result I've adopted the 'moderation' policy in my own diet and will likely not take the whole out-of-sight-out-of-mind policy as far as my Mom did with my kids. I feel like we make good choices most of the time and because of that a little 'treat' every now and then isn't gonna make me crazy.

I think the problem in society is, most people do not take the time to be informed about what is in their food and then even if they try there is so much misinformation out there. To make it worse, our generations are also more instant gratification and therefor do not practice moderation. I think you are WAY ahead of the curve there on both counts and admire you for being such a strong advocate for your kids' health and well being.

Couzin Trish said...


XO, Couzin Trish