Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome 2012

In an effort to not sound to cliche:  I still can't believe it's already 2012. 
Sorry.  That totally sounded cliche.

2011 was a time of many changes in our family.  In a period of two weeks we made a decision to sell our house in AZ and move across the country back to my old stomping grounds of PA.  My husband stayed back in AZ while renting an apartment and devoting himself to his business while we moved in with my parents in the house that I grew up in and started our lives without hubs. 

The kids started preschool, I joined a new gym and we stuck all of our life's possessions in a storage unit a few miles from my parents home.  We've had three visits from hubs that will never replace the feeling of having him home with us 100% of the time.  We've begun to make new friends, find a new church (still unsuccessfully) and acclimate to the cold weather (also unsuccessfully!).  2011 wasa quite a year.

2012 came in uneventfully as I no longer can seem to make it to see the ball drop anymore.  Hubs came for the holidays and had to leave to go back to AZ just yesterday.  We miss him terribly.  It doesn't seem to get any easier and the kids can feel it too.  But in 2012 we look forward to reuniting (sooner than later) and moving into our own space to start our lives together here in PA. 

I don't really like making resolutions since I never seem to continue them throughout the year, but this year I need to make some changes.  So, I've narrowed down to two things that are high on my priority list.

(1) Read through the Bible.  I have attempted 3 times to read the Bible in a year on a reading plan through our church in AZ.  I have come to the conclusion that I am not really liking their plan how it jumps all over the place and typically involves lots of chapters in each book.  On the advice of a friend of mine I am starting a new reading plan starting at Matthew.  I'll be reading through the New Testament then starting  back at Genesis to read through the Old Testament.  I am just going to read and mark off where I left off and then pick it back up from there each day.  Even if I only read one verse a day or one chapter a day I will be satisfied that I am making the attempt to stay in the Word daily.  It'll take me well more than a year, I'm thinking, but at least I am starting somewhere.

2.  Work out.  I really need to take my health seriously.  I used to be so good at working out and eating right.  Before kids.  And, well, we all know how that goes once those little rug rats take over.  I am going to get back on a early morning work out routine and make whole foods a part of our diet daily.  I do pretty well with eating as it is, but this year I am going to take it up just another notch.  And cutting out my coffee caffeine.  (I'm almost there with that since I just drink coffee about 1x/week  and it's only 1/4 caffeinated).  Who knows, maybe I'll even start running a few races again.

So I have hopes that 2012 will bring us continued health and happiness.  I pray that we get our family back together and that we find a new church, new home and watch our kids grow into respectful, loving, healthy children.

Many blessings to you and yours!

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