Friday, January 6, 2012

A Better Egg McMuffin

In the past few years I have become obsessed passionate about healthy eating.  Cutting out processed foods, limiting our meat intake and eating mostly organic, whole grain foods.  Well this year I plan to keep it up only I have been turning it up a notch.  I have been making practically everything from scratch and been eating/making things with only whole grain and whole wheats and cutting out practically all the sugar by only sweetening things naturally.  I'll be honest, it has been hard and time consuming, but if you do as much research as I do about food, where it comes from, what is actually in it and how little our government is doing to protect us, you would be outraged!  I'm fuming as we speak...

I have been really enjoying this new blog that I found recently.  The family went 100 days with NO processed food.  Once the 100 days were completed they adopted this completely healthy lifestyle with no regrets!  She has some really great recipes (which my kids gobble up!) and information.  It's worth poking around a bit.

So I was out searching ways to make eating "real food" quicker and easier.  I found this recipe and decided to try it.  It turned out really good and super easy! 

Did you know that an Egg McMuffin has over 50 ingredients?  That's right!  Sound like it's healthy?  Not in my house!  So start by gathering all your whole grain, organic ingredients: English muffins, cheddar cheese, butter and eggs.
 Crack your eggs into a muffin tin and bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes

 At the same time you can toast your muffins in the oven for about 10 minutes or so.

When the eggs and muffins are done, spread some butter on the muffins, top with shredded cheddar cheese and place an egg on top.  You will now want to "flash freeze" these puppies for about an hour.  If you don't, when you try and heat them up it makes the bread a little mushy from the moisture. 
After an hour, pull them out of the freezer and then place the muffin top on and wrap in tinfoil and freeze in a ziplock bag.  

The directions on the original recipe say that they can go freezer to plate in 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven.  I beg to differ.  Mine took more like 45-60 minutes.  So, my suggestion is to grab one out of the freezer the night before you plan to eat them and put it in the refrigerator to thaw.  Then bump up the temp to 375 and they will be ready in 25-30 min. 

I just made another batch today but added some Canadian bacon to each one and only cooked the egg whites.  I can't wait to try these ones on a busy school morning as I am trying so patiently to leave the house on time.  Breakfast for mommy will be done by the time I am running out! 

Healthy eating!

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The Frugal Wife said...

Love your egg mcmuffin! I have a "pop tart" but it's really more like a toaster strudel on my spot if you want to stop for a visit! Nice site and I like your name..."whine" LOL