Friday, October 14, 2011

Orange Infused Water

A few weeks ago I was looking for a way to spice up my regular water. It's ever so boring drinking plain water day in and day out, but all other drinks fill your body with nasty sugar that reeks havoc on your body. Yuck. I found this simple recipe and thought it was ever so genius and whipped it up in about 5 minutes flat.

Take 2 or more oranges and slice them up. Grab some fresh mint leaves and pull them apart.

Drop the oranges and mint into a pitcher. Pour water over top and store in the refrigerator. Let steep at least 2 hours before drinking.
Go ahead and experiment with other fruits/veggies such as lemons, raspberries, cucumbers, strawberries or a mix of a few!
Enjoy a cool, refreshing drink!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kaiden's 4th Birthday

My baby is 4. Just yesterday he was nestled all snuggly in his hospital incubator and then I blinked and we were celebrating his 4th birthday. Ho hum. Ho hum.

Hubby was in town for the celebration in which we had a few family members to join in the festivities. He wanted a "batman" theme this year. Which was really no surprise since about a month ago he told me he wanted to be "Batman" for Halloween this year. A fun time was had by all. No tears were shed by mom (miraculously!) and he got everything that he had on his "wish list."

I made a Batman cake using Katie's Slow Cook Chocolate Cake. I made it last year for Madelyn's birthday, and people, it's good. I used a vanilla frosting recipe from Melissa that she gave me about a year ago. I colored the icing yellow and used black sugar sheets to cut out a batman symbol. I definitely won't be on Cake Boss anytime soon, but it was a fun cake to make.

Here's the "Bat Family"

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Kaiden who looks none-to-thrilled to have all the attention on him!
On Sunday, Kaiden's actual birthday, we took a family trip to Linvilla. LOVE this place!

We fed the sheep...

And the goats...

...And took a hayride through all the orchards.

Then we came home and opened some presents. A Lightening McQueen car was a big hit from Grandma Mary

A spiderman umbrella from Mommy and Daddy

A road rug for all his cars. Also from Mommy and Daddy.

And a Teddy Bear from Mee-ma and P-pa.

And his favorite of all is the bell for his bike he has been asking for!

It was a great birthday. So you can stop growing now Kaiden! Love you oogles.