Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of Preschool 2011

Welp. We made it to the first day of preschool 2011. And I am sad. BOTH my kiddos are at school. *sniff*

The first "official" day of school was actually last Thursday. But the day before my kids decided to come down with colds. And since their little noses were running like faucets, I didn't want to be that mom that sent her kids to school sick to infect everyone else. So, we took the weekend to recover and today they are good as new!

I scoped out many preschools here upon arriving in PA in June. But, this one came highly recommended by many and after meeting with the director, I knew this was our new preschool home. Maddey started this year in the 2's class and Kaiden moved up to the 3's class. Both have been over the moon excited about it. I knew Kaiden would be just fine with me leaving him there. Maddey was another story. She isn't one to be away from me (and from her brother to protect her) so I was just waiting for an all out melt down while trying to walk out of the room. To my surprise, she didn't shed one tear!!! Is my baby growing up?!?!?

Here they are out in front of mee-ma and p-pa's house getting ready to leave. Kaiden wanted to wear his Batman shirt so he could "hotel" ("show and tell" in our language!) his classmates.

Wanting to show off their "cack-cacks." Princesses (of couse) for Maddey and Lightening McQueen for Kaiden.

Did mommy finally get in a picture with her children?!?
Out in front of school waiting for the doors to open. Notice they were more concerned with the other people that were looking at them than looking at the camera!
Dropped Kaiden off at his classroom first and he sat right down to start coloring. So big!
Then off to Madelyn's classroom. We put away her "cack-cack" and found some toys to play with. Hugs and kisses and mommy was off. Not even a single tear (well, that I could see!) So proud of her!

So, now I find myself with 2.5 hours all. to. myself. What ever will I do?!?!?


Jackie said...

Congrats on 2.5 hours of freedom! I love the pic w/the backpack. Here's to a great school year.

tanya said...

yay...2.5 hours. I love that they call they cack cacks. how cute!

Trish said...

nap. take a nap. i'd nap. well take one for me at least... ;-)