Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Things I Miss the Most About Arizona

*My husband.
*When you go to the library to check out a movie it's FREE.
*Couponing at Fry's grocery stores.
*Organic selection of food at Costco.
*My friends.
*The updated, beautiful road system.
*My mom's group.
*Anthem's master planned community where I only had to drive a couple miles to reach anything.
*Pappaduex's restaurant and their famous "Swamp Thing" drink.
*Did I mention my husband?

Welp, some of you may already know that I no longer live in AZ. I am a Philly girl through and through, I guess, and after spending 8 years in Phoenix, the east coast has called me home. It was a decision in the making for a few years now actually. Once we started to have children we fast realized that living for "us" is no longer an option. All of our decisions have to be made with our children's best interest in mind instead. And for us, living closer to family makes the most sense.

Although there were many, many great things about Arizona that I will continue to miss, I am glad to be back in Philly. There seem to be endless activities for us and people here actually cheer on the home town sports teams. Go figure. We are living with my parents for now who have been a HUGE help with the kids. We are still in the adjustment period having only been back since early June, but the kids soon will start preschool here and seem to be settling in just fine. We are anxiously awaiting hubs to join us next June when he will move here from AZ instead of just visiting us for a week here and there. It's hard to be without him, but we know this decision for him to stay behind and grow his business was the right one.

Look for more posts showing our many east coast adventures! We have been busy!