Friday, July 29, 2011

Deep Conversations with a 3 Year Old

Yes. It have been sweet forever since I have written last. In fact it's been over two months since I did an acceptable post. Whew. And I still have written about all the changes going on in our family. And, well, I'm not going to do that today either. So you'll just have to wait.

But, what I will enlighten you with is a precious conversation that I had with Kaiden yesterday on our drive to Trader Joe's. See they have a story hour every Thursday morning where the lady reads two books (always with a relation to food in them) and provides a snack. Which, of course, always correlates to the story and food reference. It's brilliant. The kids love it. And I do too, cause they hold the story time right in the area where they do the demos of food, drinks and coffee. So, while they are sitting quietly listening to their story I am stuffing my face with the deliciousness that TJ's has to offer and getting my caffeine fix on a cup of morning joe. All for FREE! Have you ever tried Trader Joe's coffee? It's brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Anyway, on the way to story time we wind through a section of Valley Forge Park that runs along a river. Well, stream, but details. It's pretty heavily wooded in this particular area and there are a number of trees and branches along the road that have fallen down. Kaiden always asks me why they have fallen. Every. single. time. But yesterdays conversation took a turn into the deep areas that I didn't think I would have to venture to for quite some time.

Kaiden: "Why are the trees on the ground mommy?"
Me: "Because sometimes they die and fall over."
Kaiden: "Why do they die?"
Me: "Everything dies eventually, buddy."
Kaiden: "But, I don't want to die."
Me: "Well, you won't die for a LONG time. But we all die. The best part is that when we die, we get to go to heaven. Do you remember who lives in heaven?"
Kaiden: "God."
Me: "God. That's right. So, it won't be bad to die since we will be in heaven with God."
Kaiden: "But, I don't really want to die. Maybe you should tell God that I don't want to die. Mommy, maybe you should just call God on the phone."
Me: "I can't call God, buddy. But you can always talk to God when you pray."
Kaiden: "Why do we pray?"
Me: "Well, if you want to tell God something you pray."
Kaiden: "Or when we want Him to protect us?"
Me: "Yes. That's right. Oh look, here we are! Let's go!" (Phew!)

Be still my heart. That kid cracks me up!

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tanya said...

Sienna had the same type of conversation with me last night right at bedtime. She does not want to die and she does not want me to die. she was in tears! I was not ready for this at bedtime. :)