Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes, I am Still Alive

Ummmm, yeah. I am still here. Hanging on by a thread (so it feels) most of these days. And if you remember from my last post that there have been some, umm, changes going on around here that isn't even the half of it. I can't even begin to get into it all right now because I don't have the time. Or energy. And, honestly, I can't find my camera cord right now to upload all the photos I want to use to do a proper post. So, I will just leave you with a little Kaiden-ism for the day.

Kaiden: "Mommy. When can I be a Daddy?"
Me: "Ummmm. When you are MUCH, MUCH older."
Kaiden: "I want to take you to a wedding." (I went to a wedding last weekend and when he asked if he could go with me I told him it was only for mommies and daddies to go to)
Me: "Awwww, buddy. I would love for you to take me to a wedding when you get older."
Kaiden. "I want to be a daddy just like my daddy."


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