Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A list

Let me free my mind of some thoughts that are swirling around my busy little head.

  • I have recently gotten in the habit of watching Maury during the kids nap time. "You ARE the father!" It's like a complete train wreck of a show. It's so awful but you can't help but watch.

  • I am convinced, once again, that I am totally uneasy with change. Big change, little change...doesn't matter. I am comfy in my own little world going along as it did the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.

  • We are going through some change in my house.

  • I really need a vacation.

  • I am going to PA in approximately two weeks and will be attending a wedding. Remember when I spring cleaned my closet? Remember that I only had dresses from 15 years ago? What am I going to do about a dress?!?!?!

  • I wish I had a stylist that would do my clothing shopping for me. I hate shopping.

  • Going to PA doesn't count as a "vacation."

  • The past few days I am convinced my kids are trying to kill me. When does the whining end? I think it's a great day for a reality check.

  • Last night I went to see a child psychologist speak to my mom's group. She is amazing. I could have listened to her for hours. Check out her website here. She wrote a book that I am reading here. Good, good stuff.

  • I had an "aha" moment the other day. I am an emotional eater. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, I eat. Anytime I feel angry, I eat. Anytime I feel depressed, I eat.

  • I really want some ice cream.

  • I am going to start to track my eating using the weight watchers point system. Not cause I need to lose weight, but because I need to have structure.

  • I can't believe Oprah is going off the air. I've been watching her forever! *tear*

  • Okey dokie. I feel better...I just need to convince myself not to eat that ice cream bar in the freezer.
    Y'all have a good day.


    Jackie said...

    Mod Cloth- great dresses, reasonably priced. Boden warehouse sale isn't in PA again until the fall! Good luck shopping and safe travels to PA!

    Anonymous said...

    Dear T-love,

    Remember all the times we've shopped together & how I've tried to encourage you to "buy" the dress we just saw!?? OR the advice I gave you to go shopping for at least "1" basic dressy dress so you'll have something when the occasion arises.......

    well, I guess the occasion has risen & now, all I can say is,
    "I TOLD YOU SO"...... ;}

    Yo' Mama said...

    regarding everything else you wrote about.....YOU are a GREAT MOMMY!!!!! You just need some fresh "tools" to help you handle the challenges of parenting & instead of repeating the same patterns over & over with no result...YOU have taken steps to learn fresh ways & for that I COMMEND YOU!!!! Give yourself a hug for me.....I LUV U