Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning: The Office

Y'all, it's been an awful week. Madelyn has croup and had a horrible time sleeping on Wednesday night. She was coughing all. night. long. Kaiden caught her fever and a bit of a cough. Although not croup, still a nasty little bug that has him out of sorts as well. So, naps have been infrequent and somewhat non existent leaving me to get not so much done. That's the bad news. The good news is that everyone seemed to sleep a little better last night and it can only go up from here. Right?

So, in my last post I said I was dreading doing the kiddos closets and at this point, I decided to just leave all the baby stuff right where it was. I pretty much have their closets organized and whenever they outgrow something I throw it into a plastic storage bin. Those are now all in Madelyn's closet along with a changing table cushion, play mat and pack 'n play. It's all staying. Until I am more sure that we aren't having another. Although after this week of sickness that decision might have been made for us!

Yesterday I was able to start on the office slightly before Madelyn woke up. The office is primarily hub's area. I keep one file drawer of stuff and come in to use the computer only when I am printing coupons. So, for the most part I kept everything "as is" since it will be hub's job to go through all of his items. And, hubs is an organizational freak, so for the most part he keeps it pretty tidy.

Here is the book case/file cabinet. I have a few books in there that need to be donated. I am not the type to buy books. I much rather get them from the library then give them back. I hate having a bunch of books around. Mostly because once I read it I usually don't read it again and I don't have the space to hoard books. So this is the bookcase: BEFORE
Here is my one file drawer that I use in the desk. I pulled all the paperwork out that no longer belonged. Credit card statements from 2006 people! For real. You'll see some of Kaiden's school projects in this drawer. I have maxed out a few hanging folders of stuff and now am at a loss of where to put them. I have thrown out a lot of his projects, but there are quite a few that I like to keep and can't figure out a good place to put them. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
Here is the file drawer: BEFORE
After I took these pictures, I retrieved my little sick girl from her crib. I don't think she took a nap at all with all the coughing going on. Surprisingly, she was in good spirits so I just kept on going. Cheese!
I made three piles. The large stack in back on are papers to be recycled. The one on the right is stuff that needed to be shredded. The small one in front is stuff I need to keep. And the pile of old credit cards.....well, they are all canceled and need to be cut up and thrown away.
Recycle bin full to the max!
And here are the books that I pulled that I am going to donate.
Today's project is to clear out a craft room/hobby area if you have one. I don't so I am going to do a small project of cleaning out the trash cans. They disgust me and have probably never been scrubbed down. That's probably all I can handle today since I still have some miserable kiddos that are keeping me occupied. Not so sure naps will happen today or not.

Have a great, healthy, weekend. Visit Katie to join in on the last few weeks of the challenge!


Jamie said...

So sorry to hear about your little one. My youngest just got over croup amongst other things and it so hard to see them I'll. Your project is looking great though!

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