Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning: My Master Bathroom

I knew this was going to be a big task today to get my master bathroom in tip top shape. Honestly, I haven't done a "spring cleaning" since we moved into this house back in 2005 so there were quite a few things to, ahem, go through. Since starting this challenge I promised myself that if I was really going to commit to getting each area cleared out and cleaned down 100%. Nothing half assed.

I started with the linen closet and took out all the towels and sheets. I wiped down all the shelves, swept the floor, refolded everything, removed towels that belonged in the kids bathroom, and re-situated items on different shelves. I would LOVE to get rid of all my towels and get new, fresh ones, but that probably isn't in the budget right now. I have a ton of old dilapidated towels that, honestly, could probably go right to the trash. But, I know that they still come in handy when washing the dog or for those times that the kids kick over the dog's water bowl or when I accidentally drop a glass of water on the floor (who me?). So, for now, I will keep them around even though I really, really want to just toss them.

My linen closet: BEFORE

I then moved to under my sink which wasn't too bad. Here it is: BEFORE
I pulled everything out, swept out the cabinet, even pulled all the hair out of my brushes, went through my medicine box and pulled out all the expired creams, and refilled my Q-tips and cotton squares container and threw away a bunch of old make up. Ahhhh.... AFTER
I then started to scrub down the whole bathroom which was way overdue for a good cleaning. I cleaned the sinks, mirrors, toilet and tub. I even scrubbed out my two trashcans which I have been wanting to do forever. I still need to clean my shower (which is best done while I am in it) and mop the floors. Which this all totally reminds me, I need to call my landscaper to make sure my money tree in the backyard will start blooming again so I can call my cleaning lady next time to come in and disinfect, PRONTO! My counter top: BEFORE
My sink: BEFORE
My tub area: BEFORE
Not too much of a change. Just needed to scrub the tub and the toddler toilet seat ring that has been sitting there for "when I get a chance." My tub: AFTER
So, after 3 hours of organizing and cleaning I feel soooooo much better about my whole master bedroom/bath/closet area. The rest of my house has been completely neglected and looks like train wreck since I have been focusing on my spring cleaning, but I'll get to it and hopefully I will never let it get back to the way it has been! UGH!

If you still want to start your spring cleaning head over to Katie's blog for her schedule. Just start somewhere! You won't regret it! Have a great weekend!

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tanya said...

your countertops all de-cluttered look especially nice! :) I finished our Mbath too. I am excited about this because now when our house cleaner comes next week she will be able to get to the counter. :)