Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning: My Kitchen Desk

This may surprise some of you, but I am not the most organized person out there. Despite my husband's best efforts, I feel completely overwhelmed taking care of two kids and keeping up with the daily maintenance required on my home. So, to take time to get to the nitty gritty and actually organize spaces in my home. For. get. it.

Buuuuuutttt, about a week ago Katie, a blog I follow regularly, posted her "31 Days to Clean Challenge." And, well, since I have felt ever-so-inspired by this seemingly simple approach to organizing I thought I would give it a go.

I may not follow her schedule fully and may throw in some different areas or tasks that have been hovering on my "to do" list FOREVER, but I like that I now have a guideline to follow and a goal each day to stepping into a more clutter free home. So, here it goes!

I actually started last Friday while I was sitting at my kitchen computer desk. This is solely my work area and the drawers house all of my junk rather than cluttering up all of hub's office area. I wasn't planning on starting here, but I got an inspiration as I tried to work there early that morning so I went with it. I'm not going to lie, this desk took me all. day. long. to organize. We were all home sick that day and between breaking up fights, supervising crafts, wiping boogery noses, making lunches, sending kids back to naps and trying to field a few phone calls I finally finished around dinner time. But, it was soooo freeing to purge a whole slew of papers and nonsense items that I found!

First I emptied the contents of my desk drawers onto my kitchen table. From there I recycled papers that needed to go, threw out old pens that no longer worked and rubber bands that snapped in half and filed coupons waiting to go in my binder. I found appropriate homes for the craft supplies that belonged in crafting bins and sorted "like stuff" to be put back in drawers together.
Here is one of my drawers: BEFORE
I put all of my pads of paper and sticky notes and address labels all together. The drawer: AFTER
Here is another drawer which holds batteries and tape: BEFORE
...and AFTER
This is my "card" drawer that holds all my thank you cards, little note cards and desk supplies such as staplers, tape, etc: BEFORE
My center drawer: BEFORE
Then the top of my desk space which is a "catch all" for things and "to be filed later" stuff: BEFORE
So, tomorrow I will stay on her schedule and tackle my master bedroom. I don't have a ton to organize in there except my nightstand and refolding all my socks and "unmentionables" to place neatly back in my drawers. There may be a bit of, ehem, dusting that can be done while I am in there too.

Wanna join us? It's not too late to get started!


"Intentionally Katie" said...

LOVE the before and after pics! Don't you feel so great having tackled that huge project? I kind of dread the day I do my desk...I have so much paperwork to go through. I'll be filing and shredding all DAY I'm sure.

GREAT job!!!

NYC mold remediation said...

Very essential to be organised.keep all things in different drawers or cabinets or even boxes so that there is organised method and no clutter.

Kyan Edwards said...

Tracey - I am inspired! Great job with your progress - not only did you find time to clean but you also documented. What are you? Superwoman? :) I modified Katie's list and will start tomorrow!!