Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning: The Master Closet

Oh. my. word. people. I knew this was going to be a "fun" day whilst cleaning out my bedroom closet, but I had no idea the things that I would find in there. It's so funny to think that I am in there every morning and every night picking out clothes to wear yet there were things that in there that I just completely forgot about and/or have just been ignoring all these years. Yes, I said years.

So I started by going through my hanging dress bags. People. I had formal dresses in there from when I was a junior and senior in HIGH SCHOOL. I graduated in 1996! For real. I also had a few formal dresses in there that I wore in college. And one dress, embarrassingly enough, from when I was probably a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! I guess I have kept them around "just in case" I needed to get really dressed up. But, honestly, who am I trying to kid? First, if I did really need to get that dressed up would I really pick a dress from, oh, 17 years ago? And second, obviously I don't get dressed up that often or I would have worn them again a heck of long time before now! Sweet mercy!

So, those quickly went into the "donate" bag along with some pants and tops that haven't been worn in quite some time. I had big bin with some maternity clothes still left in it that I am going to wash and give to one of my many preggo friends. I re-purposed that to now house some toys and presents that I had picked up on sale to give to the kids or use for birthday parties at a later time. I went through and re-hung & re-folded some other items that were shoved in my drawer or on top of it for "when I get around to it." I took the crate with ski/winter attire and will relocate it to my coat closet and threw out a bunch of old wire hangers and dry cleaning bags.

Here's my area of the closet (since I didn't even attempt to tackle hub's area. Which, by the way, he has more closet space than me thankyouverymuch!): BEFORE

My closet during the renovation
My closet: AFTER
Not too much of a difference that you can see from the pictures, but I did get rid of a lot of stuff. There are still some old work/dress pants & jackets that I just couldn't bring myself to purge even though I haven't worn them since my working days back in 2005ish. But they are classic styles that really, are still in style so, for now, they stay. But, yay to having a cleaner, more organized closet!

There is still time to start the spring cleaning challenge going on at Katie's blog! Get going!

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tanya said...

Good job! I am off to tackle the master bathroom. It definitely feels good to get the clutter out having a "task" daily is really helpful