Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Living Room/TV room

I am starting to realize how embarrassing this whole spring cleaning is becoming. Sharing these pictures of my chaos with the rest of cyberspace to mock me. Boy, oh boy. And as much as I have been told that most people's houses get this way when having kids, I always come down hard on myself for not being able to keep up with it. Someone once told me, "Trying to clean up when you have kids is like trying to shovel your driveway in the middle of snowstorm." Oh, so true. So true.

My living room/TV room really has nothing in it. Since having kids and realizing that everything in arms way would or could get destroyed we have gone with the minimalist approach to our decorating. We have no end tables anymore, no coffee table, even some of the pictures have come off the walls and I have absolutely no place to display knick knacks and pictures. Why? Cause I can't keep little hands off of them!!!! That being said, today's task was a walk in the park since there wasn't too much to do.

Although, most days you would never know that we have a playroom just around the corner from the living room because all the toys seem to make their way into this space. And the sheet that I have attempted to use to cover our couch cushions gets all discombobulated from our nightly ritual of running from the TV straight into the couch after hubs and I shout, "Ready, Set, GO!" a hundred times. And, by the way, whoever said microfiber is "forgivable" was totally off their rocker cause our couch has stains from drool, spit up, and water spillage. Hence my attempt to cover it with an old bed sheet. Clothes, socks, shoes and toys always seem to be out of order. Oh the socks! I can't keep them on my kids feet and it seems like I am always picking up socks!

Notice the pillows all over the place from the kids. My Snuggie on the floor. From the kids. The books that were brought into this room from Madelyn's room. By the kids. The blue stool from the bathroom. Brought in by Kaiden cause he wanted to give a concert and stand on that stool. Madelyn's pajamas on the floor since I changed her on that blanket this morning and left in a rush to get Kaiden to preschool. Which, by the way, we were late once again. Anyways, here is my living room: BEFORE

I pulled all the cushions off the couch and chair and vacuumed the couch and cushions. I also vacuumed the window sill and wiped down the TV stand. I have yet to vacuum the floor, but will do so once the kids get up from their naps. My living room: AFTER

In all reality this may stay free of clutter for all of 5 minutes as the kids slowly rise from their naps and toys and books begin to find their way into the space again. But in the meantime I am going to put my feet up and relax in hopes of regaining my sanity. Happy cleaning!

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"Intentionally Katie" said...

I was cleaning something the other day...OH...it was the boys' room. And I'd clean one area, only to find that Jason destroyed the section I just organized. !!!! It took me 3 days to get to that room b/c I usually do my Spring Cleaning while Jason naps. I still haven't done their clothes and closet...I just skipped that day and hope to get back to it this weekend. Or sometime before I need to write the post!!!

My point: I feel you, girl.

Gail Connick said...

At least you had the guts to show some before and after pics! That's better for archiving, in my opinion. It's gonna remind you of how your room looked like a few hours before you actually cleaned the entire house. Remember, less clutter is a lot better that thinking about how things are messy now and they're organized "as is." Oh, by the way. That's a nice living room you have there!