Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning: The Kids Rooms

Hi all! I'm back. I didn't do the assignment yesterday to spring clean the kids playroom. Madelyn woke up with a 101.8 fever which spiked to 102.5 right around nap time. Soooo, a fussy baby kept me from being spring cleaning productive. But, the fever broke the rest of the day and still is down today, but not gone totally, so we are left housebound again today. I am not so sure why I just used the word "day/today" three times in one sentance. Yes, I am going stir crazy, thanks for asking. None the less it was a perfect day to get into the kids room to organize! Here we go.

It's not often that I can find the time to get in the kids rooms to organize. The only times that I have to do anything are usually nap time and, well, they are napping. Duh. But, I was able to occupy them this morning with the electronic babysitter, Telly Vision, for about an hour and get both kiddos rooms cleaned up!

Let's start in Kaiden's room shall we? During "nap time" he sometimes sleeps but more often has been getting away from napping and spends most of his "quiet time" either pulling books out and reading them, pulling clothes out of his drawers/closet or throwing his stuffed animals all over the floor. Here is Kaiden's floor: BEFORE

While I was cleaning I got a visit from little sicky peanut pie. Oh, she is so miserable. It'll be over soon baby girl and you'll be back to your old self again. Look at that face :(
Let's just focus on one part of Kaiden's room for a second. We have mirrored sliding doors on the closets and one day I came in to find this smudge on his mirror. When I asked him what it was he answered, "Oh, dat's boogies." Yes, my son smeared his boogies on the mirror. Uh...can you say gross? I am not even sure why I am not totally embarrassed in showing you this. Needless to say, that got scrubbed. And scrubbed again. I guess it's better than sticking boogies on the wall. Isn't it?
This dresser holds all of Kaiden's books in the top compartment. They never seem to find themselves back into the cabinet after reading at nap time or nighttime so the top of the dresser gets overloaded with stuff. And notice the hangers that were placed there by Kaiden. Random. I gave everything a major dusting as well. Kaiden's dresser: BEFORE

Kaiden's dresser: AFTER
Kaiden's bed: BEFORE
I changed the sheets and put all the stuffed animals back on the bed. I got a visit from a little friend who wanted to pose in the picture with his Thomas pj's to match his Thomas sheets. Kaiden's bed: AFTER
On to Madelyn's room. Here is her dresser. Again a catch all for books that have not been put on the shelves properly. Her dresser: BEFORE
I dusted the whole thing down, pulled some "baby" frames, stuffed animals and books out and will put them in the "sell" area that I am creating for a garage sale in the future. I also pulled the clock that was on the wall next to the dresser off. That thing has been hanging there for at least a year in non-working condition. Her dresser: AFTER
Here is her crib/reading area: BEFORE
Books seem to find a way of migrating to the table and floor next to the chair and never find their way home. Then they get carried to mulitple areas of the house causeing chaos everywhere!
I changed the sheet, dusted the furniture, pulled it all out and vacuumed the carpets and put all the books back where they belong. Madelyn's crib/reading area: AFTER
AHHHHHhhhhhh! Feels so much better. Tomorrow we are going to attempt to organize the kids closets (and I am adding the drawers too). I have a feeling it will make me address the whole "we probably aren't having another baby issue" and make me finally put all the baby clothes and items in our "sell" pile to get rid of and stop hoarding them "just in case." It may be an emotional day for me. I'm bracing for it.

Visit Katie to jump on board to the spring cleaning challenge. It's never too late. You won't regret it!

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