Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Front Entry & Laundry Room

Welcome back! I took the day off of spring cleaning my house yesterday to spring clean our budget. We haven't been living on a budget in oh, I'd say never, so it's time we get something concrete in place. I recently have been using the "envelope method" for my grocery money and I am amazed at how easy it is and how much more I look at the cash I have and make better decisions at the grocery store. It also is like a challenge to me each month to stay on budget, or even under budget, since all the left over $$ will go into our "travel fund" for a fun trip as soon as we save enough money! Go me!

Okay, so that has nothing to do with today's spring cleaning project but I felt the need to let you know why I was absent yesterday. So, onto my cleaning. My front entry is nothing exciting. Basically you walk in my front door and directly to the right is the playroom and to the left is the dining area. So, there is not much to clean up other than the coat tree and my shoe pile. So here is my front entry: BEFORE
I put away the kid's fleece coats since we are now getting into the 80's every day. Everything else on the coat tree needs to stay so I can grab my grocery bags for trips to the store, diaper bag for daily use and a sweatshirt for early morning runs to the gym. I put my shoes back on the shoe holder and vacuumed the area free of the few little leaves that have blown in. My front entry: AFTER
Now the real challenge of today...the laundry room. I really didn't think it would be that bad, but oh my goodness was I wrong. Who knew what nonsense we were keeping in there?!?!? Kaiden had preschool this morning so it was the perfect opportunity to clear out that area and get it back under control. Here is the cabinet over my dryer: BEFORE
I am amazed that one family can house so many types of tape. Duck tape, packing tape, plumbers tape, painting tape. Crazy. I pulled out a bunch of random tool pieces that hubs will need to relocate to the garage to be put with tools. Now that's a novel idea. Here's the cabinet over the dryer: AFTER
Here is my cabinet over the washer: BEFORE
Let me focus on one area for just a second. Do you see the abundance of Sham Wow's here? You will see my original post about them here. But, yes, they were returned only to be repurchased a few weeks later. Now here are 11 of them that are still in our cabinet that have NEVER. BEEN. USED! I believe the other 5 are scattered around the house and one in each of our cars. But, I only remember us having used only one. Out of 16. Don't be surprised if you receive one of these from us as a Christmas gift this year. I'm not really one to say "I told ya so." But, "I told ya so." I digress.
I pulled a huge pile of rags out. Got rid of some, refolded others. Got rid of a can of stain spray that hubs had before we even least 8 years ago, threw out some air freshers, and other crap that had no business taking up valuable cabinet space. My cabinet above my washer: AFTER
Here is my shelving area that houses all my laundry products and a few other random cleaning stuff: BEFORE
Here is the laundry room: BEFORE

I'd like to tell you that I put all that laundry away, but I'd be lying. I did, however, relocate it to my laundry folding table (i.e. my dining room table) to be folded and put away at nap time. I put that box for my new Eureka steam mop (LOVE that thing, by the way) that I got for Christmas in the garage to either recycle or find a new home for it. I also vacuumed the whole space. Even behind the washer/dryer and mopped the floor. The laundry room: AFTER

So there you have it! One step closer to a spring cleaned home!

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"Intentionally Katie" said...

That cabinet picture freaked me have the exact color and style of cabinets in your laundry room as I do in my kitchen. I thought it was one of my "before" pictures! Clearly I'm not quite awake yet...