Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning: The Fridge/Freezer

Back to the spring cleaning challenge....today's assignment: Refrigerator/Freezer. Not too hard of a job. I pulled everything off the shelves, out of the drawers and off the door and scrubbed that whole thing down. I got rid of some left overs that were way left over and also tossed some umm, condiments that haven't been good for oh, a better part of 3 or (maybe) 4 years. I guess we don't eat cocktail sauce quite as often as I must have thought. Yikes.

It was a relatively easy project today that only took me about 30 minutes. Which was exactly the type of project that I needed to get me back on track. Here's my fridge: BEFORE
And all scrubbed down and organized: AFTER
Here's my freezer: BEFORE
Not too much a difference, but I assure you it's much cleaner and much more organized! My freezer: AFTER
Now go snuggle with your kiddos and read them a book! Happy spring cleaning!

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