Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning: The Dining Room

My dining room was, so far, the easiest room for me to clean and get back into shape. Unfortunately, ever since we sold our pool table (that doubled as my laundry folding table) I have been at a loss of a place to fold laundry. I can't fold laundry on the couch since little hands that try to "help" only "hinder" my efforts to keep my laundry in some semblance of order. So, I have turned to using the dining room table. It usually lingers on here for a day or two to when I get around to putting it away. I usually fold it during nap time but can't get into the kids rooms to finish the project. So, it sits. And it waits. And waits. Ho hum.

Here is the dining room table: BEFORE
I put all the laundry away, dusted the table and console table as well as emptied out all the dishes/wine glasses and dusted inside as well. I don't think that has been done ever! My dining room: AFTER
Hope this stays clean for awhile, but in all reality it will be covered with laundry in about 5 minutes as soon as I take the clothes out of the dryer. Yay for laundry. The never ending task.

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Just Me said...

I have a suggestion for your laundry, as I had the same sort of problem. Obviously I don't know the layout of your house, so this might not work.

A few months ago I switched up our evening routine, and it now goes like this:

One kid takes a bath, whilst the other tidies their room (I had to stop bathing them together as it was constant fighting and I didn't feel it was safe) and I dump all the laundry on the floor of our room, sort, then use the bed to fold.

Switch kids and their jobs and then put away all the laundry.

Our upstairs and has three bedrooms along one side, the bathroom at the end, and our bedroom on the other side - so I'm still up there with them when they are bathing and close and can hear everything. They are 5 & 3 and very confidant swimmers, so I'm okay leaving them alone in the bath, but want to be near.

Just thought I'd give you something that works for us.

Jamie said...

Looks great Tracey!
@ Just Me, I like that idea.