Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning: All Other Bathrooms

Today was a surprisingly easy spring cleaning day. Thank goodness for that because I was not motivated at all to do any spring cleaning. Mondays are hard for me. Usually my house is in such chaos from the weekend and not really having time to pick up things that I spend most Monday's playing catch up.

Thankfully the other bathrooms in my house are not areas that I "hoard" stuff. We have the powder room that just needed a good cleaning. Check! Then there's the guest bath that just needed a good cleaning as well. Check! I don't keep anything in there except some spare rolls of toilet paper for when we have visitors. We also have the kids jack and Jill bathroom that we usually only use for baths. We don't ever use the sinks to brush teeth or wash hands as we do that all in the kitchen sink or powder room so I don't keep hardly anything in there at all. So, I finished my spring cleaning today in record time and was able to focus on the rest of the mess (i.e. my kitchen) and get that tidied up.

Here is under the sink in the kids bathroom: BEFORE
Mostly we have tub toys down there that need to stay so I just rearranged them to one bin and put our training toilet (that I recently pulled out of my master bathroom) in the empty side of the other cabinet. All ready to go for child #2's potty training. The cabinets: AFTER
As I said before, we don't ever use the sinks in this bathroom. Recently the kids were sick so I was using the humidifier in Madelyn's room. I ended up dumping the water out of it on Friday and left it in the sink to drain. So I took that out to clean which left the rest of the counter clutter free. The counter: BEFORE

The counter: AFTER
I went through the medicine cabinet where I keep all the kids lotions and extra toothpaste and also the linen closet which I keep only a few kiddie towels and sheets not that long ago so it made for a very easy cleaning day! Now I will be able to catch up on a few taped episodes of Oprah and gear up for round #2 of kiddie chaos!

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