Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meal Plan-2/6/11

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Although, this year I really have no interest in watching a game between my beloved Eagle's rivals, the Steelers, and a bunch of clowns that wear cheese on their heads. I don't know. Call me crazy. Really, I used to love football. When I actually had an opportunity to sit down and watch a full game. UNINTERRUPTED! Those days are LONG over. So, moving on.

Last week I substituted a few meals out for different ones so I will probably repeat a couple this week. Although I did make my sweet potato enchiladas and oh. my. They really are a sweet slice of heaven on your plate. good. We have another extremely busy week this week so, again, I am going for simplicity here.

Monday-Burgers on the grill (veggie burger for me) with homemade sweet potato fries.
Tuesday-Crockpot Refried Beans on tostadas.
Wednesday-Falafel pitas
Thursday-Quinoa Waldorf Salad
Friday-Lasagna roll-ups
Saturday-Probably crockpot Mac 'n cheese with Brats for a quick meal after church.

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