Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meal Plan-2/22/11

I am a little late to the menu planning party for this week. But, you know what they say, better late then never.

My mom was here for a better part of last week and into the weekend and just left today. The kids are sick and I am back to being crazy lady running around like a chicken with my head cut off. All in a day. All in a day.

So, I planned a few meals for this week but will find myself hitting up a few grocery stores tonight to make sure I have everything I need on hand to finish off the meals this week. Hubs' birthday is this Saturday, so I still need to go to the store and pick up my FREE brownie mixes so I can whip up a yummy brownie bottom sundae.

Which reminds me, if I may brag for a second, this was the first month that I gave myself a grocery budget of $20/person/week and looks like I may just be able to stick to it and didn't find it very hard at all! The first two weeks I only spend about $50/week on groceries. I do have to make a run to Costco which will bring me right up to hitting the total I set aside for the month. YAY ME!

Tuesday-Corn chowder with salad and bread (kids are sick and aren't eating much at all so they will most likely eat crackers if I can even get them to eat that)
Wednesday-Pazole Casserole
Friday-White Chicken Chili
Saturday-Out to dinner. Compliments of my mommy!

Happy planning!

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