Friday, February 4, 2011

Interview With a 3 Year Old

Last night hubs took Kaiden to "Dad's Night" at his preschool. It was a camping theme so sounded pretty fun when they told me that they made smores, read books inside tents, went "fishing" and caught a craft fishy that Kaiden had made and went on a canoe ride.

This morning I found a sheet of paper with some questions that Kaiden had answered entitled "All About Kaiden's Dad." Here's what he filled into the blanks when questioned:

My Daddy is 3 years old.
He weighs 5 lbs. and is 2 ft. tall.
His hair is is brown and his eyes are brown.
My dad likes to relax by reading books.
He likes to wear shirts and his favorite thing to cook is chicken nuggets.
His favorite household chore is vacuum.
He loves to watch movies on tv.
My Daddy's favorite song is ABC's.
Daddy always tells me Kaiden I love you.
When my Dad shops he likes to buy chicken nuggets.
If he could go on a trip, he would go to the airport, and he would take bananas.
I really love it when my Dad goes to the park with me.

I love my Daddy!

Some observations:
-Apparently he thinks hubs is the size of my Chihuahua at only 2ft tall and 5lbs.
-My son must think that all we feed him is chicken nuggets.
-I am glad my son thinks his daddy likes to vacuum. I would like to someday see that happen.
-My hubby loves his son and am so glad that Kaiden knows it!


Katie said...

Soooo cute! Love the going to the airport and taking bananas comment! :)

mwr2sbr said...

This was an adorable little post. How sweet. :)