Thursday, February 10, 2011

3-4 Year Old T-ball

My little boy is growing up. I getting a little emotional. I am feeling a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves for minute. Topic: Where do flies go in the winter? Do they die, fly to warmer climates, or hibernate?

Okay. I think I am better now. So anyways, Kaiden started playing T-ball and last week was his first game. Let me just back up and say that Kaiden LOVES baseball. He and hubs play all. the. time with his T-ball stand in the house. So when we had a chance to play 3-4 year old T-ball, sign us up!

Kaiden is sooo intense when he plays, but has a blast! Here are some moments captured by a friend of mine who has a son on Kaiden's team. Love it!

Here's Mommy cheering him on!
Notice the gloves that he wanted to wear because, "the football players and baseball players on TV wear them."
Such intensity!

Here starts our running to weekly practices and/or games! So fun!

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