Thursday, January 6, 2011


So a few months ago I briefly talked about my venture into the world of couponing. Since then I have been trying to learn all the in's and out's of how to maximize our dollar at the grocery store and drug stores. It's not an easy task, let me tell you, as you can easily find yourself spending WAY too much time searching for the best deals and driving all over to different stores just to match up your coupons with the sales. But, while I am still a newbie to all of this, I have been extremely proud of myself and the money I have saved by taking a little time and doing my homework.

All this time I never thought coupons would be worth my while since most of my purchases are on organic and "green" products. But, low and behold all this time I WAS WRONG! Now that organics are becoming more mainstream there seems like there are many coupons to be had! And most of the blog sites that I follow are geared exactly for this purpose. It's actually becoming pretty addicting to see that number on the register go down as we ring up my purchases!

Here is a look at just some items that I have recently purchased with coupons:

7th Generation dish soap-$.69 each! (this sells for sometimes up to $3-4.00)
Muir Glen pasta sauce jars-$3.79 (normally $4.30+)
Muir Glen tomato sauce cans-$1.39 (originally $2.38)
Barbara's cereal (we LOVE this stuff)-$.70 each!
Naturals cereal-$.50 each
Almond Breeze milk-$.50 each (I got 2 of these last week for FREE!)
Tom's of Maine mouthwash-$1.00 each (normally priced at $5.00 each)
Pantyliner (up & up brand)-$.12 each
Carefree pantyliner-FREE!
Santa Cruz Organic juice-$2.59 each (normally $3.89)
Annie Man 'n Cheese (I always have some on hand for "emergency" lunches)-$.75 each (they are now on sale for $1.00/box)
Naked coconut water-(hubby loves these)-FREE!
International Delight coffee creamer-FREE!
Kettle chips-$1.00/bag

I also recently got some sausage links (my kids love their sausage occasionally for breakfast) for FREE and have also gotten a ton of FREE toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste. As well as Always pads for a DOLLA! HOLLA!

Like I said, it takes some time and some planning, but I have been able to really save some money....not as much as the people out that there that don't buy mostly organic like I do, but I do save a good amount to make it totally worth it!

Some of the sites that I regularly follow:
Cents'able Shoppin-Sheryl is a local here in the Phoenix area so most of her prices match up to the sales that are at my stores. And, oh my goodness, she does her homework!
Saving Naturally
Organic Deals-I recently found this one and I LOVE it for all my organic needs
Money Saving Mom-Duh. Any seasoned couponer follows her.

Happy Saving!

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