Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meal Plan-1/16/11

My crock pot meals last week were WONDERFUL! I "made" everything in the morning, let it crock all day and viola! all we did was dish it out and serve right at meal time. I will definitely be using my crock pot more often. It left me feeling so free and actually took a few afternoons to walk the dog and get outside with the kiddos instead of spending so much time prepping that nights dinner. Score!

Sunday-Chicken salad sandwiches (veggie sandwich for me)
Monday-Lentils over rice. I buy these at Costco (a pack of 4 for like $6.00) and they are SOOO good. No wacky ingredients, just heat (I heat on the stove top because I rarely use the microwave) and serve over rice or in a tortilla. MMMmmm....
Tuesday-Quinoa and Black Beans in tortillas with avocado and sour cream
Wednesday-Baked spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta shells
Thursday-Salad with sliced pears, candies walnuts, cranberries & feta cheese
Friday-Personal pizzas (or calzones) with homemade pizza crusts
Saturday-Out to dinner after church


mwr2sbr said...

I think I might have to come over and "try" some of these delicious meals! :) Just sayin!

tanya said...

Crock pot "clean up" is so easy too!