Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meal Plan-12/5/10

I have GOT to get back to meal planning. Looking back at some old posts, the last time I meal planned was a year ago! No wonder most nights I am racking my brain (and shuffling through my cabinets) to figure out what to throw together in time for 5:00 dinner. I hate feeling that pressure at the end of the day not knowing exactly what we are having. Even if you vary from the plan at last minute and make something else or decide to go out to dinner, or even flip the dinner you had planned for Monday with the dinner that was planned for Thursday meal planning is a huge help. It's a huge time saver, gas saver (so you are not at the grocery store EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!) and stress reliever.

So here's to putting meal planning back into my life again! *Clink, clink!*

Sunday-Broccoli Slaw Salad
Monday-Pasta e Fagioli
Tuesday-Enchiladas (chicken for the kids and hubs, beans & cheese for me)
Wednesday-Corn Chowder
Thursday-Applesauce pancakes with fruit salad (who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?!?!)
Friday-Homemade veggie pizza
Saturday-Out to dinner after church

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