Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meal Plan-12/19/10

Last week's meal plan ended up getting moved around quite a bit. But that's the beauty of a good meal plan...technically having all the ingredients already in your home for each meal will allow for easy movage (totally a word) to suit you as the week progresses.

I ended up moving Wednesday's meal to Saturday, moving Saturday's meal to Sunday, deleting Thursday's meal altogether so to eat up some left overs from Tuesday's meal. But, it all worked in the end. So I have some meals left over from last week that I will try and re-work into this week.....and Christmas dinner....I am still deciding what to do for that one. It's just us this year so do I want to make a big meal or do I want to keep it crazy simple? I am thinking crazy simple but, hmmm.....

Sunday-Quinoa Waldorf Salad. Madelyn gobbled this one up again. Kaiden still, notsomuch. But it's yummy!
Monday-Tostadas using my favorite refried bean recipe. Oh, it's heaven. You MUST try!
Tuesday-Eggplant Parm
Wednesday-Crockpot Vegetarian Chili
Thursday-Lettuce Wraps. I have some tofu sitting in my fridge that I might try and make this with for me. Chicken for the hubs and kiddos.
Friday-Homemade pizza. I got some pizza yeast packets the other day (for FREE thanks to my coupons!) so I want to try to make my own pizza dough. Hmmmm....let's see how this goes.
Saturday-Christmas. Still deciding.

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