Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meal Plan-12/12/10

Meal Planning worked like a charm last week. I had all my ingredients on hand, knew exactly what I was making that night and (amen!) had our dinner out on the table with no stress. Well, minus the crying, fighting children swarming around my feet during preparations. Besides that it was low stress.

I think it will work out for us that each week I will try to incorporate one night of a salad meal, one night of a mexican meal, one night of a meat dish, one pasta meal and the next two nights are open. We usually go to Saturday night church service so will probably just do dinner out when we go since coming home at 6:00 and starting to cook something isn't very appealing to me. This new schedule will seem to give the meals variety and balance throughout the week.

Sunday-Birthday party for our friend's son. Salad and pizza.
Monday-Lasagna Rolls
Tuesday-Chicken fajitas
Wednesday-Veggie Pot Pies
Thursday-Crockpot vegetarian chili
Friday-Veggie burgers with sweet potato fries
Saturday-Quinoa Waldorf Salad. I recently bought Quinoa from Costco and have been wanting to try it. I came across this recipe that was linked from Katie's blog a few weeks ago and had to try it. It didn't disappoint and Madelyn gobbled it up! Kaiden....well, not so much. He didn't hate it, but only took a few bites because he "had" to.

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tanya said...

I am going to borrow that Lasagna Roll recipe. Sounds great!