Thursday, January 27, 2011


Kaiden talks all. the. time. Most of the day it's things like "What is this? What is that? Mommy watch me do this. Mommy I want this, Mommy I want that." I have really contemplated making is a hard fast rule in our house that you are allowed to say something ONE TIME. After I acknowledge your request if you say it again (or ask for it again) then you will not get it. Harsh? Maybe. But, it just may save my sanity.

Actually, some of the things that come out of his mouth are pretty funny. Most of the time I think I will remember them and intend to write them down, but I should know by now that it's a miracle if I remember what I ate for breakfast in the morning so how I think I am going to remember all of his Kaiden-ese each and every day is beyond me.

Here are some of the things that I do remember that makes me laugh:

"A little minute." Things to him are a little minute. "Mommy come watch me do dis for a little minute." "I just want to watch TV for a little minute."

"Mommy, look at me. I am a man with a mouth." (He had something on his lip and he was saying that he had a moustache)

When he wants you to repeat what you said: "Mommy, what are you saying with your mouth?"

"Mommy, what is that man doing with his mouth?" Sometimes in books or looking at people on the street if they are making a funny expression this is how he asks what they are doing.

"Mommy say 'Yay' to me." When he does something that he thinks is good he wants me to say "YAY!"

Leaving for soccer practice with Daddy, "Bye-bye Mommy! See you soon! Be a good girl!"

"Mommy, are you listening to me?" If I don't answer him right away after he asks a question. Wonder where he got that from?

"I am a little bit older than you, Mom. I'm a little bit older."

"Paco, you are the BEST doggie ever."

"Mommy, you look so pretty!"

Pointing to my boobs, "Mommy, what is dat in dare? What is dat?"

We were reading a Sesame Street book in which they were decorating a snowman. I asked him, "What would you decorate your snowman with?" In which he replied, "Ummm, a hat. And also I would decorate it with snow."

Kaiden's version of "Ring around the Rosey:" "Ring round da rosey, paca-do-a dosey, pashes, pashes, we all fall down!"

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Mee'ma said...

LOVE IT ALL...these Kaiden-isms & future Maddey-isms will become memories of when they were a child & they will love hearing things they said when they were little...

Good for you for writing them down-
next step is to get them written in their Baby Books for posterity!!