Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jumping Rope

A few notes about this video:
  1. He states that he is "using the jump rope from Halloween." For the record, I have no idea what jump rope and Halloween are doing in the same sentence and why he thinks he got this "jump rope" when he was trick or treating. In fact, he is using Paco's leash instead.
  2. Just 5 minutes before shooting this video he told me he learned how to jump rope at school from his teacher. Because I sure as heck didn't teach him how to jump rope. But then in this video he states he "learned how to jump rope from trick or treating." Honestly, I am at a loss as to where to go with that statement.
  3. Notice that my children do not like to wear clothing. When we were potty training he ran around naked so that he would tell us when he needed to go potty and not pee in his pants. Since he is now fully potty trained we try to at least keep underwear on the kid, but it's a daily mystery whether he wants just undies on, his pants on or nothing at all. I choose to pick my battles most days.
  4. I had to stop this video short when Madelyn decided to kidnap Ernie our "elf on a shelf." Apparently Ernie's perching spot was not out of the reach of curious toddler hands like he thought.

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