Monday, December 13, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gifts

So you remember this post when I talked about my mason jars and how excited I was to make them into Christmas gifts this year? Well, I'm finally finished the task, mailed them off today and I am so excited with how they turned out.

You have probably seen homemade bread or muffin mixes, soup, coffee or bath recipes that you can make and put in a jar for someone. Well, I made a hot chocolate mix recipe that I found here and filled each jar with the mix. But first, I made the tags to attach to the jars using some scrapbooking paper and scrapbooking rub-ons. I punched a hole in the end and secured an eyelet to reinforce the hole (not shown in this picture).
Then I selected a fabric (I got a big sheet of it at Walmart for $1.00! HOLLA!) and cut it into an appropriate size square for each jar and spray glued it to each lid like so...

After I filled the jars with the mix, I made labels on my computer using Avery name badge printable labels and printed the directions of how to make the hot chocolate and the ingredients in the mix (we don't have a color printer here so that was a bit disappointing, but they turned out alright despite them only being black and white). I then stuck them to the jar, threaded the tag through the ribbon and tied it around the top of the jar. They looked so pretty!

We also made picture ornaments for the grandparents using felt and sequin-like crafty things.
And to top off the gifts, I made homemade, non-toxic hand sanitizer as well. It smells sooo good! I printed up labels on my computer using the same name badge size labels which I had to cut down slightly so they fit on the bottles better. All the ingredients are proven to kill germs, including virus, but are all safe for the environment and completely safe for you!

I sent each gift to the grandparents, my brother and SIL, hubs SIL and even made one for Kaiden's teacher and the aide in his classroom. I think the shipping alone cost me more than that actual gifts themselves, but I am willing to bet that most everyone will appreciate a homemade gift rather than something I bought in the store that they may never use!

Merry Christmas!


chandy said...

Nice work!
They turned out very cute!

MOMMY said...

Thanks for showing me my Christmas gift Tinkerbelle....(I love them already).

Did you use tons of "bubble wrap"??? Love, Mom

mathavan yadhavan said...

I also agree with you ..... very useful information for us ...... keep it up thanks for this..........

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