Friday, October 1, 2010

30-Day Love Challenge

A couple years ago we watched the movie Fireproof that is based on the book the Love Dare. After watching the movie I bought the book in hopes of one day going through the 40-day challenge. After attempting it many, many times, and never getting further than day 3, I recently thought that I would try a different approach.

Since doing my 30-day No Meat & No TV challenge in the month of September I felt motivated to try another 30-day challenge and thought of the idea of doing a 30-day Love Challenge. Sort of based on the Love Dare, sort of not. My pastor often talks about how we need to determine and stick to a family flow chart. This means we should always be putting God first, our spouse second and our children third. Admittedly, I am often guilty of skewing this flow chart and putting my kids above all else. I seem to focus all my attention on my kids craziness and seem to forget that not only should I be devoting myself daily to God first, but my husband needs (and deserves) more attention that I am giving to the kids.

We've all been there. You married ladies all know what I am talking about. The day is non-stop with going, going, going, doing, doing, doing that by the end of the day your best energy is spent on the house and the kids and nothing is left for your husband. And I am not just talking about sex. I am talking about attention. One-on-one attention. Hugs, kisses, making him feel special, telling him that he is appreciated, building him up, letting him know that you have thought about him. So, I thought this challenge might be a good way for me to focus on my husband each and every day. And the best part is, I am not going to tell him (unless, of course, he reads this post and my cover is blown)! So, shhhhhhhh, it's a secret.

So, I have jotted down a schedule of things that I am going to do for him each day in the month of October. As you will see, a lot of these things take little or no effort at all. But I know it will make him feel so special just to have been thought of each and every day.

So here's to us and hoping to put a little *spark* back in our relationship!

Oct 1-Send him an E-card.
Oct 2-Give him a big hug and tell him what an amazing husband, father and provider he is for our family. (Also is Kaiden's 3rd birthday)
Oct 3-Give a back rub before bed.
Oct 4-Bake cookies and deliver them to his office with the kids.
Oct 5-Write a love letter.
Oct 6-Buy some new pj's and wear them to bed rather than my ratty t-shirt and shorts better know as "ole faithful."
Oct 7-Draw a bubble bath for him to soak in while I put both kids to bed.
Oct 8-Make Heart Hands craft of mine and kids hands and write loving note on them.
Oct 9-Make him breakfast in bed.
Oct 10-Give a back rub.
Oct 11-Put a card on his dashboard.
Oct 12-Send plant/flowers to his office.
Oct 13-Put towel in the dryer so it is warm for him when he gets done showering.
Oct 14-Send him a pix message of myself with a loving message.
Oct 15-Movie night. Watch Clash of the Titans (or another "man" movie) in bed together.
Oct 16-Arrange a golf outing with friends.
Oct 17-Give a back rub before bed.
Oct 18-Put a post-it note saying "I Love You" on his medicine cabinet door so he sees it when he is getting ready for work.
Oct 19-Put a Hershey's kiss and hug in his lunch.
Oct 20-Give him a framed pic of his family.
Oct 21-Make a puzzle with a love note.
Oct 22-Write a note on his Facebook wall telling him what a great husband and father he is.
Oct 23-Date night at the first place we had dinner together.
Oct 24-Give him a massage.
Oct 25-Watch Monday Night Football with him.
Oct 26-TBD
Oct 27-Make a gift box with a handmade book in it of "Top 10 reasons why I love you." Wrap it and put it where he can discover it at work.
Oct 28-Do a "Thankful Thursday" post devoted to him.
Oct 29-Make a picnic dinner in the living room for after the kids are in bed.
Oct 30-TBD

There are a few days that I have left without a planned activity. Mostly because I think I may need a few days to rearrange some things depending on how the month goes with our schedules. But I will fill them in later as I see how the month is going.

Now remember, I am not telling him that I am doing this. So, if you know my husband, DO NOT SPILL THE BEANS. Even though some of these are things that I already do on a here and there basis, I am sure he will thing that something is up when it is happening daily.

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tanya said...

I love this idea! I may have to try this. My hubby would know something is up by day 2 tho.