Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reward Charts

Recently we have been having a lot of difficulties with getting Kaiden to follow one of our family rules that says "listen and obey Mommy/Daddy and do what they say the first time." After doing multiple time outs over and over and over again I decided that didn't seem to be working effectively so I wanted to try a reward chart. I did some googling and found some really great ones on supernanny.com and printed them out.

Kaiden LOVES his pirate reward chart which is specifically dedicated for "listening and obeying." Every time he listens and obeys to what I need him to do, we move his pirate one space. If he isn't listening then I tell him that he can choose to listen and obey by the time I count to 3 and move his pirate one space or if he doesn't obey then we will move it back a space. Most of the time I just have to start counting and he is up and ready to go do as he is told! It's a wonderful turn around!

I also have a chart going for potty training. Kaiden colored a bear picture awhile ago that I hung on the bulletin board next to his pirate chart. Although he has been peeing on the potty for some time now, we were having such a hard time getting Kaiden to poop on the potty. So, I decided to implement this reward chart as well. Every time he poops on the potty he gets to put a smiley face sticker on his bear. Once he reaches 10 smiley faces he gets to go to the $1 store and pick out a prize. I am happy to report that yesterday he earned his final 10th sickers and got a prize! I can honestly say that he is fully potty trained (despite him still wearing a night diaper for sleeping but most of the time will wake up dry. I am not ready to tackle that quite yet!). Yay Kaiden!

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Mee'ma said...

You're such a great Mom, honey!

Taking negatives & not just turning them into positives....
BUT making it FUN!!!

You deserve stickers up & down
YOUR arm......Love ya