Monday, September 20, 2010

Produce Delivery

I had heard WONDERFUL things about the produce co-op called Bountiful Baskets. Having found out that they offered organic produce baskets every other week I decided to give them a try back in June. For $25.00 I was thrilled to think that I was going to get a huge basket of yummy organic goodness. So I put in my order early that week, woke up that Saturday morning bright and early and went to pick up my basket. I was like a kid in a candy store so excited to see what I would come home with. Much to my severe disappointment I came home with lettuce that was wilted and inedible, plums that were like mush as soon as you bit into them, grapes that were already turning moldy and many other bad fruits and veggies that were almost too terrible to eat.

Thinking that I had just got them on an "off week" I decided to try it again. I mentioned this to some ladies in my mom's group and one of them wanted to go in on a basket with me. So, we met up at the site to arrange our split. Again, the produce was awful. The celery, which should stand at attention, sadfully drooped to one side when held up, the lettuce, was again, wilted and had to be thrown away immediately, etc, etc, etc.

I emailed the girl that I split the basket with later that afternoon and told her that I wouldn't be continuing with Bountiful Baskets. She wholeheartedly agreed then told me about a company called Nature's Garden Delivered which she used for organic produce. She told me that she has never had any problems with the produce as it always is in wonderful condition. And, if you aren't happy at any time with something that comes in your basket they will refund you money for that questions asked. You can sign up for whatever size basket you need, whether you want it weekly or bi-weekly, all fruit, all vegetable or combination (which can be changed every time you order if you want). You can put your membership on "hold" if you are out of town or don't need it any particular week. Not to mention that you can "exchange" up to three items in your basket for that week. So they email you the week before to tell you what will be in your basket and if there is, let's say, carrots and that week you don't want carrots you just exchange it for something else that is on the list of available produce. And the best part....they deliver it right to your door. So, you wake up Friday morning, open your front door and there is your basket!!! Yay for convenience!

Here is a picture of my first basket. Oh, look at all the yumminess just oozing from this basket!!!!

Here is most recent basket...more yummy organic goodness.

Now, granted, I am paying a bit more for a bit less than what I got in my Bountiful Basket. But, like I said, I would venture that I am actually saving money by being able to use all the produce vs. having to throw some away plus saving on gas by not having to drive all the way to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's since my local grocery stores selection of organic is less than perfect.

If your interested in signing up, you can get 20% off your first basket with a coupon code (email me for that code). Tell them I sent you and I will get a free basket after two people join. The more people you tell the more baskets you get for free too!

Now excuse me, all this talk about organic produce is making me want an orange. Mmmmm.....

*Disclaimer* I know that people who have gotten the "conventional" basket from Bountiful Baskets have been extremely happy. But, something about their organic baskets are just not right. I have even talked with about 3 other people that got the organic that we just as disappointed. So, if you are going to get the "conventional" basket....go for it...I am sure you will be satisfied with that.


Allison said...

I couldn't agree more about Bountiful Baskets Organic produce. I was incredibly disappointed by the quality. I stopped getting it as a result. It just wasn't worth it. Thankfully, I do get a decent amount out of my own garden, so it really isn't that big of a deal to me.

tanya said...

I was wondering about this. I will check out their website!